Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Big Day

How did the "big day" start?

None of you who know Laura will be suprised to know that it started with Laura cooking breakfast for her friends and family. 
We try to take care of her, but she won't stop taking care of us!

Her surgery went well.  The initial news is good, and we will all pray as we learn more about what recovery will mean in her case. 
Please continue to lift Laura and her family up in your prayers, and to thank God for the way He continues to care for Laura and send her signs of His love.

She is feeling good, looking good, and full of gratitude for all the events of today.  There is a long road ahead, but she is not alone. 

She was a CHAMPION today. 
I will never forget today as long as I live. 
This woman is so full of grace and courage... 

Thank you for being a part of her journey, and for walking alongside of her by offering your prayers and support. 

She feels your love!   

- Missy
(the Neighbor)

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